Another gun amnesty won’t help

No one can dispute that the number of gun crimes in South Africa is extremely high, scary and depressing.

Drugs, alcohol and sex fuel teenage pregnancy

For the Gauteng MEC for Education, Panyaza Lesufi to openly declare to have run out of ideas on how to deal with the growing national problem of teenage pregnancy in the province’s schools has sent shudders down the spines of frustrated parents, who themselves feel utterly hopeless about the problem.

Good cops must stand together

There is no doubt in my mind that township hostels are often used as hiding places for people with dubious characters and have sometimes become dens of iniquity.

Flashback Friday: #You Are Not A 90s Kid If

Looking back at some of my childhood memories and some of the activities we got up to, the 90s definitely were an interesting time to grow up in.

The time has come to stop breeding little monsters

I feel sick to the pit of my stomach! Not only have we stolen our nation’s wealth, we’ve also become the most violent and ruthless nation on the face of the earth, especially against those who look to us for love, respect and protection, among them children, women and the elderly.