Efforts to reduce crime continue

Madam speaker Clr Patricia Khumalo (right) and Chris van Biljon from the Ekurhuleni Business Initiative engage the media at the Crime Prevention Dialogue held at the Germiston City Hall, on July 26.

The Germiston City Hall recently welcomed over 600 people who were attending the Crime Prevention Dialogue, reports the Germiston City News.

The audience included ward committees, councillors, traditional and business leaders as well as various other stakeholders within the community safety cluster.

Following an outcry from various members of the public, Ekurhuleni Legislature put together a programme to engage stakeholders about crime prevention methods.

In his opening address, Alderman Izak Berg – chairperson of the Community Safety Oversight Committee (CSOC) -expressed his will to fight crime on all fronts and rallied the community to unite to achieve the same purpose.

Dr Reza Patel, CPF provincial director, attested to advancing crime prevention through the use of technology.

Patel stated that such initiatives were not about replacing state security organs but about increasing the state’s efforts to combat crime.

Deputy Chief of Police, Goodman Mzolo, outlined current measures of crime prevention employed by the EMPD and touched on human capital issues faced by the EMPD, which impact negatively on the department’s ability to work efficiently.

The question and answer sessions after each presentation revealed a readiness to engage as community members voiced their concerns with the current system.

Delegates cited gender violence, fraud and hijacking as just a few of the most notorious crimes they are vulnerable to.

Stated unequivocally during the session, was the widespread frustration with unethical police officials who had become associated with culprits they were meant to protect communities from.

This was deemed to be unacceptable and delegates requested the metro deal harshly with such individuals.

Reflecting on the way forward with members of the media, Patricia Khumalo – the speaker of council – conveyed a sense of urgency in ensuring crime was dealt with in Ekurhuleni. He mentioned that this dialogue was a seminar and that its outcomes would bring about change.

CSOC will compile a report of the outcomes that will be brought to council.

Thereafter, the committee will continue with roadshows that engage different regions – all in a bid to create a safer metro.

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