Gauteng schools’ online registration to open in May

THE Gauteng Department of Education said the online registration process for Grade one to Grade 12 will be open from May 2 to June 17.

Head of Department Edward Mosuwe said in a notice that all learners applying for admission for 2018 must be placed by October 20.

From May 2, parents must apply online at schools, district offices, teacher centres or other identified sites for learner admission to school for 2018.

Upon successful submission of the application form online, parents will be provided with a waiting list number in writing.

There are new improvements to the application to make the website more interactive and easy to use.

These are:

* Only one login will be required to complete the registration.

* Various languages have been added in the system.

* The system will now take all ID numbers. In previous years there was a problem since other countries use unique ID numbers and as a result, children could not register as the system did not make sense of the numbers.

* The system will now allow parents to choose a school instead of using their address.

There are 65 spots to assist those without Internet access.

The system has also been upgraded to take in 50 000 logins a second instead of the previous 25 000 to make crashing impossible.

Once a parent has applied, the department will allocate the child within seven days.

Schools for learners with special needs will not utilise this process. Parents are advised to go to those schools directly.

Zaid Khumalo

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