It looks like charismatic prayers have failed

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula

Despite libations and fervent prayers, coupled with promises of a permanent position in his current job, the ex Hawks head has already been discounted as a “retiree” by the new minister of police, Fikile “Mbax” Mbalula.

To seal the fate of the controversial police investigative unit head soon after he was declared unfit to hold his position by the Gauteng High Court, good ol’ “Mbax” went on to remind the ageing cop that his future lies not in heading a national “high-class police department” but staying at home and taking care of his growing children.

To put the final nail in the coffin of the former Hawks boss, “Mbax” has also done what every honourable employer would have done under the circumstances (in the event of an employee getting himself entangled in legal matters) – as the former honourable Hawks’ boss seem to have done – namely, fill the vacant position with one Lt General Yolisa Matakataka.

Well, to Ntlemeza’s fans – legal opinion has it that despite throwing his tantrums and throwing his toys out of the proverbial cot, the long-term prospect is that Mnumzana Berning Ntlemeza is – fired! Finish and klaar!

Fighting mad and throwing his hands up in the air, at first Baba Ntlemeza rubbished the Gauteng North High Court ruling that he be dislodged from his position as the Head of the Hawks, claiming he was going nowhere and that he alone was still the head of this investigative unit in Pretoria.

Ntlemeza went on to vow that come his “high-noon showdown” – and contrary to the views of his newly appointed police boss, “Mbax” – he would undoubtedly be seated behind his desk at his office in Pretoria.

Addressing police officers during his visit to the Soshanguve police station, “Mbax” urged Ntlemeza to vacate his office as ordered by the court.

“He must vacate in peace. This is not The Bold and the Beautiful.”

Mhlanga said Mbalula was simply following the court’s instructions.

“There is nothing more the minister wishes to say about this, other than that a new acting head has been appointed and that there is work to be done.”

However, according to Mhanga, the only time “Mbax” would be expecting Ntlemeza to come knocking on his front door, would be when the former Hawks boss returns his work-issued paraphernalia.

There will, of course, be the usual work perks and privileges all fired, retrenched and resigning employees are often expected to surrender to their former employers when they move on with their life. They include cellphones, company-issued firearm, uniforms, laptop, car and, of course, the company credit card and the car park access card.

It hurts, though. The fall of Berning Ntlemeza from the highest pinnacle of power in our national police force is yet another tainted blunder that has made our democracy a laughing stock to those who thought the dawn of democracy in Mzansi was going to be the beginning of a utopia.

Living among vampires

When I first read about these horrendous blood-sucking acts of human vampirism in the townships, it was like reading paragraphs from an Alfred Hitchcock horror novel. Then a week later I came across FOUR other articles in two daily tabloids, all of them about the victims who had been brutally murdered, most of them in broad daylight and their killers were seen drinking the gushing fresh blood of their dying victims.

How horrendous!

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Zaid Khumalo

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