Councillors agree on helping orphanage

DA PR Clr Edward Nxangani is based in Ward 46.

Political party members who attended agreed to assist the orphanage.

The orphanage’s founder Nelly Nelukau, uses her own house to home more than 12 children, ranging from the age of 14 months to 24 years.

Since founding the orphanage in 2012 she has offered shelter to more than 50 homeless children, providing for them out of her own pocket.

“I’ve been applying for funding from the government but never got an approval,” said Nelukau.

The orphanage’s needs include painting, plumbing, wiring, window repairs, washing machines, fridges, bedding, office equipment, beds and gas stoves.

Representatives of various political parties attended the event, including Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Democratic Alliance (DA), Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) and African National Congress (ANC).

They agreed that the orphanage needs immediate assistance.

DA PR Clr Edward Nxangani is based in Ward 46. He said that before Sunday, March 9, he would visit the orphanage and sit down with Nelukau’s family and try to find out what their priorities are.

“I want to sit down with them on a personal level. I should have gone to see them a long time ago but because there is a lot on my plate there has been the delay. I want to be involved in helping the orphanage. But I want my involvement not to be a once-off thing.

“I still have to sit down with the DA caucus and make them aware of my intentions of doing something for the orphanage,” said Nxangani.

IFP Clr Alco Ngobese of Ward 61 in Zonkizizwe said they are trying to figure out how to help.

“We are trying to involve the municipality in helping the orphanage. Just that the budget of 2016/2017 has been allocated already. I promise that there will be funds allocated to help the orphanage in the budget of 2017/2018.

“At the moment I cannot say what we are going to do and when. But there is something that we are going to do,” said Ngobese.

ANC Clr Thandi Nkosi of Ward 47 in Vosloorus said the orphanage has always been on her mind.

“Ever since I heard about them, they have always been on my mind. I never forget about them, not even for a single day.

“On Wednesday, March 11, I am going to take my ward committee and meet the founder (Nelukau). The reason why I have not met with Nelukau is because of my busy schedule. I will introduce her to my ward committee. And my ward committee will work with her if I am absent.

“The committee will help Nelukau by taking her door-to-door to relevant stakeholders. If they fail, they will report to me and I will take it from there,” said Nkosi.

EFF PR Clr of Ekurhuleni Solly Mkhize, based in Ward 47, said it is difficult for the EFF to get help for the orphanage because they are not a popular political party.

“We have been trying to get help for the orphanage from the private sector, but it is not easy because EFF is not popular. But I have helped them personally a number of times. I think they need help,” said Mkhize.

The Kathorus MAIL will follow up on the promises made by the councillors.

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