Kathorus netball tournament held in Katlehong

The Glamour Girls u-15 team before their game against Thoko Stars u-15. The game ended 9-7 in favour of Thoko Stars.

About 24 teams participated in the tournament, including 14 u-13 teams and 10 u-15 teams.

Benny Mphahlele, the general secretary of the ESC, said: “We chose netball because it is a women’s sport, and women are the victims of most of the crime.

“We decided to take advantage of the school holidays to hold the tournament.”

Mphahlele said netball teams in Kathorus are not united.

“We want to unite them and teach them about the importance of participating in the Kathorus Netball League.

“If they participate in the league they might be selected to play for Ekurhuleni Netball Team. As a result they will stand a good chance of being selected for the national team. If they are selected for the national team, they will stand a good chance to participate in the Olympic games and play against the best players in the world,” Mphahlele said.

The results of u-13 and u-15 games are as follow:


*Mighty Blizards 2 vs Igagasi Ladies 11

*Nageng Ladies 7 vs Kaos Girls 3

*Dikole Ladies 7 vs Rose Buds Ladies 4

*Amazion Ladies 18 vs ZK Ladies 6

*Thoko Stars 7 vs Thokoza Girls 3

*Glamour Girls 17 vs Thulasizwe Ladies 11

*Lover Girls 9 vs Siyaphambili Ladies 17

*Igagasi Ladies 8 vs Nageng Ladies 7

*Rose Buds 9 vs Thoko Stars 6

* Thulasizwe Ladies 4 vs Might Blizards 8

* Kaos Girls 3 vs Dikole Ladies 6


*Young Stars 1 vs Jauars Ladies 14

*Tullips Ladies 8 vs Reach for Stars 4

*Thoko Stars 9 vs Glamour Girls 7

*Mighty Blizzards 5 vs Buhle Park 9

*Lover Girls 11 vs Seven Stars 7

*Tullips Ladies 14 vs Mighty Blizards 3

*Thoko Stars 4 vs Young Stars 2

*Reach for Stars 1 vs Jaquars Ladies 20

*Buhle Park 2 vs Lover Girls 8

*Seven Stars 9 vs Glamour Girls 3

The point system was used to determine which teams participated in the semi-finals. The top four teams in each category participated in the semi-finals on Thursday, April 13, followed by the finals that took place on the same day.

The teams that went through to the semi-finals in the u-13 category were as follows:

*Amazion Ladies, eight points

*Thoko Stars, six points

*Rose Buds Ladies, six points

*Dikole Ladies, six points.

The teams with an equal number of points were separated by goal difference.

The teams that went through to the semi-finals in the u-15 category were as follows:

*Jauars Ladies, 10 points

*Thoko Stars, eight points

*Lover Girls, eight points

*Seven Stars, six points.

The goal difference system was used to separate the teams on eight points each.

The u-19s and open-age played on Tuesday, April 11, and Wednesday, April 12.

The games ended with the semi-finals and finals that took place on Thursday, April 13.

Aaron Damane

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