Mayor urges motorists to be safe on the road this Easter

Speaking during the launch of the Easter Road Safety Campaign recently, the mayor said fatal crashes were caused by fatigue, drunken driving and reckless driving.

“If you want to relax and enjoy yourself, do that at home. We want sober drivers on our roads because the safety of our people is dependent on your sobriety,” he said.

Failure to observe rules of the roads is another major concern, the mayor said, adding that motorists should exercise patience and remain considerate to one another.

The mayor promised residents of Ekurhuleni increased police visibility, saying motorists should expect more roadblocks and police operations in different parts of the city.

Tips for motorists:
· Rest regularly at least after every two hours or 200km to avoid fatigue
· Remember your cellphone charger, jumper cables, adequate water supply, torch and first-aid emergency kit.
· Before leaving for your holiday, be sure to check the main functions on your car – vehicle tyres, including a spare tyre, brakes, suspension, lights and seat belts, wipers, all fluids, as well as the battery.

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