Liquor traders invited to legalise business

Members of the Gauteng Liquor Traders Association (GTLA) during their meeting on Thursday, February 2, in Vosloorus.

Wendy Mngadi, the treasurer of the Gauteng Liquor Traders Association (GLTA), is inviting non-compliant liquor traders around Kathorus to join the campaign to formalise their business and register with the association in a bid to have them legalised.

Mngadi told Kathorus MAIL that liquor traders who deal in alcohol without a valid licence and compliance documents face the grim prospect of not only having their businesses deemed illegal by the authorities, but stand to face possible closure of their business by the authorities. They could be fined or even arrested. They could also face the prospect of being taken to court by the local municipality for trading in unzoned premises.

“We are appealing to all liquor traders around Kathorus to come forward and obtain advice and a directive from the association on how to go about legitimising their businesses,” said Mngadi.

The campaign is aimed at GLTA members and other unregistered traders, Mngadi added.

“Being legal and compliant has advantages which protect you from being harassed not only by the police, but by your neighbours as well, for trading outside the hours set by the Liquor Board. That is why we are appealing to all traders, even those who are trading illegally, to come forward and seek assistance from the GLTA,” explained Mngadi.

Mngadi said the GLTA is there to assist members to obtain a valid liquor licence, assist them with SARS compliance processes and have their businesses registered legally.

“The aim is to assist all our members to be compliant and to trade within the rules set by the Gauteng Liquor Board,” Mngadi said.

Interested liquor traders can contact Wendy Mngadi on 072 062 3431 or at the GLTA offices on 011 863 3239.

Zaid Khumalo

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