Thank you to the SAPS

I would like to compliment the Germiston Flying Squad on the great service their members gave me after I was hijacked during the night last year. After the incident happened, I flagged down a police vehicle that was driving past and told the officers what had just happened to me.

The policeman gave his name as Sgt Ramara and his colleague’s as Sgt Moloto. The two police officers assured me that they would do their best to help me recover my vehicle. They asked me to report the incident at the nearest police station.

By the time I arrived home there were already two other policemen there, ready to take a statement from me. While they were busy taking down my statement, a call came through on their radio that my vehicle had been recovered.

I truly appreciate the good work. The service I received was exceptional.

My compliments to both Sgt Ramara and his colleague Sgt Moloto.

Ms Maggie Tshabangu

Letter via smartphone

Zaid Khumalo

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