Cop shot in Katlehong robbery attempt

Police aren’t sure precisely how many suspects were involved in the explosive robbery.

According to the SAPS Kathorus Cluster media spokesperson, Captain Mega Ndobe, the police surprised a group of armed men who were in the process of robbing a petrol station in the area. In the shootout that ensued a young constable was shot in the forehead.

“Constable Tladi and his colleague were responding to a robbery alert at a petrol station in Thwala Section. Upon their arrival at the scene, a group of about five armed men, who were seemingly hiding outside the garage while others were inside, started shooting at them, critically injuring Const Tladi,” explained Capt. Ndobe.

Tladi was rushed to hospital for emergency medical attention. Capt. Ndobe confirms that his condition remains critical.

The rest of the robbers fled the scene with a handful of cash taken from the tills.

Ndobe told Kathorus MAIL that more police officers arrived at the scene as backup. It is believed those officers fired several shots at the fleeing robbers and there is a strong possibility that one of the robbers may have been injured.

Capt. Ndobe is appealing to anyone with information to contact the nearest police station or dial the 10111 emergency number. He warns the public not to confront the suspects.

Zaid Khumalo

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