Community of Vosloorus excited to receive title deeds

MMC of housing Lesiba Mpya (middle) handing over the title deed to the couple Naville (left) and Dumisane Luvuno (right).

Ukurhuleni MMC of housing Lisiba Mpya giving title deed to one of the pensioners

Ukurhuleni MMC of housing Lisiba Mpya giving title deed to one of the pensioners

The community of Vosloorus and the surrounding areas were very excited on Saturday, November 19 when they received title deeds to their new RDP houses. Some people who were supposed to receive title deeds did not attend the ceremony due to deaths and relocations, not all title deeds were given away.
Ekurhuleni MMC for Human Settlements Lesiba Mpya said because they had failed to find other people who were supposed to receive their new houses, they wouldn’t be giving away all 478 title deeds. But people should not be angry about this, he added.
We are still working on finding the right owners of the houses. As soon as we find them we will give them their houses. Those whose parents died must bring their parents’ death certificates and proof that they are related to the deceased so that the houses will be re-allocated to them.
We want to return people’s dignity by giving them decent permanent shelter to stay in. Black people were never given the sense of ownership. They have been made to feel like tenants in their own country.
We are making the state of living better for our community.
Mpya said the number of informal settlements is still high in this country because some people rent out their RDP houses and then return to the informal settlements. That is why government is battling to eradicate informal settlements, he explained.
After receiving the houses you must stop renting them out and going back to the informal settlements. You must take care of the houses you have been given.
Those rich people who are still benefiting from the RDP houses will be taken out of the houses, because the housing scheme is for poor people who can’t affords to build or buy for themselves, said Mpya.
One of the beneficiaries, Karlina Matingoe (75) said she was very excited to receive the title deed to her new house.
“I can’t believe I have finally got the right to my new house. I would like to thank the MMC for this wonderful gift.
“My family has finally got a decent shelter to live in,” said Matingoe.
Mzikayise Mathonsi (56) who did not receive his title deed said he was very sad about missing out during this handover.
“I have waited for almost all my life for the house. I thought this time around something good was going to happen, because I registered a long time ago. It has been more than 15 years now,” said Mathonsi.
Mpya concluded by saying all those with proof that there is corruption involved in allocating RDP houses must come forward and make his department aware so that he can take drastic actions against corrupt officials serving in his department.

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