Young leaders promote disrepect

What kind of example do young political leaders set for young people when they swear and insult older people?

Karma bites Mbhoro

I have very little sympathy for people like Paseka Motsoeneng, who is also notoriously known as Mbhoro to both his fans and foes.

Goats and cattle a menace on our roads

I am appealing to the JMPD and the SAPS in Vosloorus to please remove the goats that roam in the open space along Moagi Road between the Spruitview Shopping Centre. There are also goats along the Leondale Road near Spruitview.
Fountain pen on an antique letter

School teacher has eyes on my cousin

My cousin is 17 years old and currently at a boarding school in the Free State. I am worried that she might not be able to complete her studies because of a teacher who has set his affections on her.

What is happening in Zonke?

Residents in other parts of Kathorus need to learn from what happened to the people of Zonke earlier this year when they were forced to live in fear of a local youth gang.
Kathorus MAIL Editor Zaid Sipho Khumalo

Judgements an indictment of domestic violence

The two recent judgements passed by two different high court judges sitting at the Palm Ridge courts this month are a serious indictment of our youth when it comes to resolving their differences, especially during domestic arguments.

Thanks to the mayor for a clean city

I wish to pay tribute to the Mayor of Ekurhuleni Clr Mondli Gungubele and his team for their clean environment campaign which has turned many parts of the city’s townships into beautiful and admirable open spaces again, especially after the rains.