We drink and steal too much

Just when we all thought drugs and corruption were the worst social menaces in the country, the Minister of Trade and Industry Rob Davies has called for a radical approach to the way South Africans consume alcohol. And without doubt, the Eastern Cape Provincial Liquor Summit held in East London recently could pave the way…

Katlehong gets new police head

She invited members of the community to make use of her office to discuss and seek solutions to issues and problems.

Attack on foreigners not the answer

This is the only way local traders could begin to build a relationship and create business partnerships with their foreign rivals.

Save my grandson from nyaope

“Tshepo has been a trouble since he started using drugs,” Thabethe said. “He (removed) all the cables inside the house, even at the main switch.

Don’t be a hijack victim

In most cases, victims are “marked” by syndicates and then followed around for days, or even weeks, to establish their routine before hijacking them.

Taxi driver shot dead

“At the scene SAPS found a gold Toyota Conquest that had collided with the vendor stalls. The driver of the vehicle was found behind the steering wheel and was declared dead on the scene by paramedics.”

New scam hits town

According to the information at the OCJ’s disposal, it is alleged that the candidates who apply to take part in this training are required to pay a fee upfront, though the training never materialises.